NBA InPlay is a complementary two screen fantasy sports experience that pairs via audio sync while watching live NBA games on TV. What exactly does that men? Firstly, viewers are engaged in not only their live game even more, but their fantasy sports experience is enriched through live action engagement. Players don’t have to commit to a full season, instead they can play as little as three minutes or full games and be rewarded more frequently with great prizes from the NBA and affiliated sponsors. We utilized audio syncing programs and accessed real-time statistics to provide a one of kind gamefication experience that is beautiful, a blast to play and super engaging. Instead of your mobile device taking over from the sporting event, it complements it without drawing too much attention from the main show. Simply sync your device, pick a matchup and draft your squad of four players from either team and go live. A simple in game interface with a single action button- the Turbo button, will temporarily enhance your scoring potential. The user feels the intensity and excitement of the TV game in the palm of their hand via gorgeous animations, exciting player photos and top notch competition in a fully dynamic leaderboard. Create a following of your greatest competition or simply play solo. However you want to play, NBA InPlay lets you dive into any basketball game you want, compete, earn prizes and have a blast doing it. Working with FanDuel and the NBA in a unique partnership, as the Product Design Lead, I was entirely responsible visually for this amazing cutting edge app. With my design, game and fan level experience, I was given the driving keys to design a gorgeous game that delivers. As part of a small in-house team of some great developers, engineers and strategists, we all worked closely together to bring a fresh graphical and interactive experience to life. Our collective excitement over the final product, the quality of the gaming experience and fan reaction has been phenomenal. If you’re a basketball fan or just into gaming, you have got to try out NBA InPlay, download it in the app store now!