Smart sensors imbedded in the sole of Nike shoes communicate via Bluetooth to an iPhone app to track your sport activity.

My work on the Nike+ Training experiences has been filled with a very broad spectrum of work including everything from interface design, concept sketching to testing and presentation work. For two years, we operated in secrecy with the primary task at hand to concept and design an amazing mobile experience pairing the new Nike+ sport sensor shoes with the iPhone. These advanced new shoes can measure your vertical, quickness and how hard you are playing.

The visual interface and related graphics had to be stunning, engaging, simple and alluring- we were jumping ahead of the curve and setting the tone for what basketball and training would look like for the next few years to come. Aside from primary interface design, there was achievement design/system development, the gamification aspect, icon crafting and integration with Nike+ Fuelband and Nike+ Running experiences.
As part of the marketing strategy I concepted and sketched/storyboard images for in-store displays and interactive trial zones where users would get a first hand experience using the shoes and see their actions live on screens in retail stores and at pop up mobile stores.

When we were ready to reveal to the world what this new technology was and its capabilities I worked directly with the VP of Digital Sport and VP of Global Brand for Nike's annual Innovation Summit in NYC. The event drew media outlets from around the world as well as some of the top pro Nike sponsored athletes to demo the product.

With the actual launch of the event came several grand marketing elements including massive trial zone stations in stores, like the one at Niketown on 5th Ave NYC that took up an entire floor and used four 64" screens and a 75ft projection screen. Nike hosted outdoor Trialzone stations to experience the shoes in the US, Europe and China including the Olympic games in London. All these events used the interface and graphic elements we designed around the app.