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Jordan Fripp

Hey there! You’ve come here to learn a little bit about me I’m guessing. Well everything you see for sale here is personal artwork created out of love for the subject matter. Airplanes, wildlife, adventure related, skate + snow, dinosaurs… all the cool shit. Some stuff is one of and some done in a series and some stuff on tshirts regularly reprinted, its all by chance that you find something. You will find a variety of different styles and mediums either crafted entirely by hand or through a more extensive process including hand drawn, digitally manipulated then screen printed.

I get my inspiration from the world around me, through my travels, world news and whenever I find something aesthetically or visually stimulating. My work is often created with a certain sense of experimentation and exploration. Occasionally I will work with mediums that were not initially intended to be combined with each other (watercolor board + acrylics + cut paper) but I use them in the ways I see fit to generate the look and feel I’m going for. Bringing the idea of tactility and weathering into the work creates a mood and provides the viewer with sensations they might not always experience when viewing a work of art. From such artists as Robert Rauschenberg, Marcel Duchamp and Mark Rothko I’ve expanded upon the techniques and ideas they used to develop my own vision. Sometimes the work is intended to generate an intense dialogue, via critical commentary and sometimes its intended just to entertain.

I would love to share the projects with the world so feel free to explore, comment, purchase, share and contact how ever you would like. Visit regularly as you never know what you will find, follow me on facebook for newly added work and updates.

-jordan fripp